All About Artist Residencies with Andrea Wolper

Saturday, April 15, 11 am - 1 pm PT (Online Workshop)

All About Artist Residencies with Andrea Wolper
Age Adult
Event Type Workshop
Department Music Business, Vocal Performance
Day Sun
Instructor Andrea Wolper

For composers, songwriters, poets, painters, writers—artists of almost every kind—artist’s residencies (also known as artist retreats or colonies) can provide invaluable breaks from the demands of everyday life, a kind of soul-nourishing “time out of time” in which to unwind, find renewal and inspiration, and focus on creativity. 
In this workshop, vocalist Andrea Wolper, who has been awarded composing/songwriting residencies across the U.S. and Europe, will share her experiences and answer your questions about applying for and attending artist residencies. 

Andrea will provide a detailed overview, including:

– what are artist residencies, anyway?
– what happens during residencies?
– where are the residencies, and how do I find ones that are a good fit?
– what are the nuts and bolts of applying, and how do I write a strong application?

Participants will leave the workshop with practical resources for finding residencies and seeds for identifying personal goals and organizing materials that can serve as the basis of applications. 

About Andrea Wolper

Described as “an audacious artist [who] flouts genre limitations,” Andrea Wolper “brings songs to life, whatever their source, working in a milieu that begins with jazz and reaching out to embrace an expressive area that is uniquely her own.” As both a leader and a side person, Andrea traverses the jazz continuum, from straight ahead to free jazz.  She leads projects that run the gamut from original, often uncategorizable, compositions; to poetry and spoken word; to reinventions of songs drawn from pop, jazz, musical theatre, and other genres. She holds the vocal chair in a traditional big band, was part of the free improvisation trio, TranceFormation, and has performed in projects of icons Jay Clayton, William Parker, and others. For her songwriting, Cadence magazine calls her “easily superior to the ever-expanding population in the singer/songwriter category,” and she has been awarded a number of composing fellowships. Andrea teaches vocal technique and performance, and has taught clinics and master classes at many colleges and conservatories.