Basic Piano for Vocalists with Kalil Wilson

Sunday, April 23, Noon - 3 pm PT (In-Person Workshop)

Basic Piano for Vocalists with Kalil Wilson
Age Adult
Event Type Workshop
Department Piano and Keys, Vocal Performance
Day Sun
Instructor Kalil Wilson
Status inperson event

Join vocalist Kalil Wilson in this workshop, where he presents a simplified technique for singers to learn to accompany themselves on the piano. This is a beautiful and functional style of piano playing for songwriters and singers, designed to better support performance and practice.

In this literal ‘hands on the piano’ introduction, Kalil covers the essentials for developing the ability to understand and play jazz, soul, and R&B chords. The workshop examines precise methods of reducing complex-sounding harmonies into four simple patterns that work across various keyboard genres.

This class is helpful for those interested in piano performance, as well as recording and production. Additional tips for notating and preparing custom chord charts and lead-sheets are provided, giving you the tools you need to notate your music and share it with others.

Basic Piano for Vocalists provides singers of all genres with a refreshingly light and adaptable set of strategies and gestures to turn the piano into a singer’s musical and compositional companion.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician, Kalil’s approach will help you become more comfortable playing and singing at the same time, giving you greater control over your musical expression. By attending this workshop, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how to play the piano and accompany yourself as a singer. You’ll learn how to simplify complex chords and use them in various musical contexts and how to notate your music and share it with others.

Don’t miss out on the chance to develop your skills as a pianist and singer with this valuable workshop. Musicians of all levels are welcome.

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About Kalil Wilson

Kalil Wilson is a vocalist whose style crosses genres of jazz, r&b, pop, and even classical. He entered UCLA in the vocal and opera program before discovering his love of jazz, graduating with a degree in Ethnomusicology. His albums include “Easy to Love” and “Time Stops.” Wilson has performed across Europe and the U.S., including at the Metropolitan Opera House, the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Hollywood Bowl. As an educator, Kalil blends understandings that lie at the core of many of the world’s vocal traditions to distill for students the practices and concepts intrinsic to the art of jazz and song.