Biofeedback for Optimal Music Performance with Kathleen Riley

Sunday, July 23, 2 - 3:30 pm (in-person)

Biofeedback for Optimal Music Performance with Kathleen Riley
Age Adult
Event Type Workshop
Department Health
Day Sun
Instructor Kathleen Riley
Status inperson event

​​Kathleen Riley, Ph.D., is nationally recognized as a specialist and innovator in the field of musicians’ technique and injury prevention. She is also a Yamaha Artist in Education, Certified HeartMath® Trainer, and Certified Neuromuscular Biofeedback Specialist. Join Kathleen for this interactive presentation on optimizing our music performances through biofeedback technology. Looking through the lenses of the body, mind, and heart, biofeedback offers a window inside. And our bodies never lie. Changes can be made and immediately seen and felt, resulting in better tone, decreased muscle tension, increased focus, and reduced performance-related stress. With biofeedback, the picture is worth a thousand words! 

After three degrees in piano performance, Dr. Kathleen Riley pursued post-doctoral studies in neurophysiology, psychology, and biofeedback to reduce performance anxiety and overuse/misuse injuries in performing artists. While living in Cleveland, Ohio, she was invited to join the faculty at the Cleveland Institute of Music to design Optimal Performance courses and run a biofeedback lab. Presently, Kathleen coaches and gives Optimal Performance workshops at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and private coaching for students as well as musicians in the Bay area, including members of the San Francisco Symphony, SF Ballet and Opera Orchestra, and California Jazz Conservatory. She has recently been appointed Visiting Scholar at San Francisco State University in the Institute for Holistic Health Studies.