Charter Jazz Ensembles

Flexible Scheduling 7/8 - 8/19 (7 weeks)

Charter Jazz Ensembles
Age Adult
Event Type Class
Department Ensembles
Day Various
Instructor Various
Status inperson event

Designed for preexisting groups, our charter ensemble program allows musicians to enroll as a cohesive unit for weekly rehearsals at the Jazzschool. We’ll pair your group with one of our expert ensemble directors, who will provide personalized guidance on improvisation, ensemble communication, and more while helping to refine your ensemble dynamics and polish your repertoire. Groups of all levels, from beginners to advanced, are welcome and are included in our end-of-quarter student performance series if desired.

Contact Jazzschool Director Rob Ewing at to discuss scheduling details. 

Flexible Scheduling
7/8 – 8/19 (7 weeks)
Various Ensemble Directors, $290

Ensembles take place IN-PERSON at the California Jazz Conservatory.