Choro and Samba with Duo Violão Brasil

Sunday, April 16, 11 am - 1 pm PT (In-Person Workshop)

Choro and Samba with Duo Violão Brasil
Age Adult
Event Type Workshop
Department Brazilian
Day Sun
Instructor Rogério Souza, Edinho Gerber, Ami Molinelli
Status inperson event

Join acclaimed musicians Duo Violão Brasil in exploring the intersection between choro and samba.

Rogerio Souza, one of the principal arrangers of the Choro “fake” books (collections of lead sheets with melody and chord symbols) by Chediak, will lead this workshop focused on a composition by Jacob do Bandolim, and will discuss the evolution of choro and samba within the choro genre. Souza is a renowned arranger, producer, and musician in Brazil, and a founding member of the group Nó Em Pingo D’Agua, which helped create a new choro genre (choro novo) and reinvigorated the music scene in the 1980s. He has collaborated with many famous artists, including Ney Matogrosso, Paulinho da Viola, and Baden Powell. 

Participants of all instrumental backgrounds are welcome to join the instrumental ensemble led by Souza and Edinho Gerber, and Ami Molinelli will accompany and work with percussionists.

About Duo Violão Brasil

Duo Violão Brasil, led by guitarists Rogério Souza and Edinho Gerber, is a celebration of the Brazilian guitar, or “violão,” and a vehicle for exploring the many possibilities of two guitars playing together. With a repertoire that spans from the works of iconic composers such as Pixinguinha, Baden Powell, and Tom Jobim, to original compositions and innovative arrangements, the duo effortlessly navigates through the diverse styles of 20th century Brazilian popular music. In 2019, they released their debut album, “A História do Choro,” featuring Bay Area percussionist Ami Molinelli. The album explores the evolution of Choro, Brazil’s greatest art form, and showcases the rhythmic and harmonic permutations of the genre.

Rogério Souza is a master of both 6 and 7 string guitars and is one of the foremost representatives of the music of Rio de Janeiro. He has worked with numerous world-class Brazilian musicians and is a pioneer in the development of the “choro novo” style, which features innovative interpretations of traditional Brazilian instrumental music while staying true to its roots. Souza frequently performs in music festivals, concerts, and workshops across the globe, and his current show focuses on the art of Brazilian guitar, featuring original works and classic repertoire.

Edinho Gerber’s musical vocabulary has been shaped by his upbringing in both the United States and Brazil. He is a versatile musician, seamlessly moving between the genres of choro, jazz, samba, and blues. Gerber has performed in many prestigious festivals and concerts throughout the United States, Russia, and Japan. He currently resides in Rio de Janeiro, where he performs regularly with Duo Violão Brasil and collaborates with other musicians, such as Ben Lamar Gay, with whom he recently released “Benjamim e Edinho,” a cross-cultural album showcasing his innovative approach to music.