Creative Mastery: The Art of Slow Practice with Darren Johnston

2 Sundays, December 3 and 10, 11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Creative Mastery: The Art of Slow Practice with Darren Johnston
Age Adult
Event Type Workshop
Department Theory and Improvisation, Musicianship
Day Sun
Instructor Darren Johnston
Status inperson event

Practicing should be a joy, not a chore.

Most masterful musicians speak to the importance of having a routine in the practice room.  Relaxed, focused repetition is the way we improve technique. As improvisers, though, we must be fluid, creative, and eager for change as we seek to develop our own personalized sounds and approaches. This may seem like a disconnect at first, but with the right tools, practice sessions can become both meditative rituals grounded in repetition and inspired explorations of sound and creativity.

In this two-part workshop, we’ll explore a meditative, holistic approach to practice that multi-tasks; both composing and learning new “standard” repertoire, improving harmonic dexterity, improving and internalizing our sense of time and rhythm, exploring timbral possibilities, listening more deeply, and ultimately establishing a stronger pathway between ear and execution.

All instruments are welcome. Please be willing to sing and step out of your comfort zone! Together, we’ll create a safe space for all of us to optimize our fun and growth, both musically and personally.

About Darren Johnston

Canada-born trumpeter/composer Darren Johnston works primarily within jazz, jazz adjacent, and purely improvised music while also studying and performing many other styles, including music of the Balkans, Jamaica (Groundation), contemporary classical, and more. He is particularly drawn to music that defies categorization.