Great Women Pianists of Pop and Jazz: Joni Mitchell with Jennifer Jolly

Sunday, October 29, 11 am - 1 pm

Great Women Pianists of Pop and Jazz: Joni Mitchell with Jennifer Jolly
Age Adult
Event Type Workshop
Department Piano and Keys
Day Sun
Instructor Jennifer Jolly
Status online event

This latest offering in Jennifer Jolly’s “Great Women Pianists” workshop series celebrates the evocative piano playing of Joni Mitchell. Although Joni’s brilliant songwriting, singing, and guitar innovations are rightfully honored, her rich and beautiful piano playing deserves equal attention. In this workshop, you’ll learn how she gets her characteristic sounds, how to play several of her quintessential songs, and how to incorporate her stylistic elements into your own playing. We’ll also view archival live footage to see Joni in action. Handouts include transcriptions, listening guides, and suggestions for further study.

Prerequisites: basic piano proficiency and reading, familiarity with major and minor chords, strong Internet, laptop by your piano/keyboard, wired headphones. Materials provided by the instructor.

About Jennifer Jolly

Jennifer Jolly is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, bandleader, and educator. She teaches keyboard classes and ensembles (Caribbean, African, New Orleans, minimalist, and improv) at the Jazzschool, clinics, camps, after-school programs, and her private studio. She currently performs on keyboards, melodica, guitar, and vocals with Jennifer Jolly & Friends, Pamela Rose’s show “Blues is a Woman,” Jean Fineberg’s JAZZphoria, and Jean Fineberg’s The Party Monsters. Jennifer frequently performs as a guest with Tom Rigney & Flambeau, Chelle! & Friends, and other Bay Area groups.