Healing, Wellbeing, and the Neuroscience of Improvisation w/Bradley Vines

Sun. 5/26: 2–4 pm

Healing, Wellbeing, and the Neuroscience of Improvisation w/Bradley Vines
Age Adult
Event Type Workshop
Department Theory and Improvisation
Day Sun
Instructor Bradley Vines
Status online event

This workshop explores the relationship between improvisation and health. We’ll discuss how music therapists incorporate improvisation into effective treatments, traditional approaches to healing involving improvisation and music, and the neurophysiology underlying the potential of improvisation to promote wellbeing. You will learn about similarities between improvisation and other states of mind with healing properties, such as dreaming, psychedelics, and meditation. There will also be guided “experiments” in improvisation that bridge the research with your musical practice and personal experience.

About Dr. Bradley Vines, PhD, MBA

Bradley is a cognitive neuroscientist and saxophonist specializing in research on how music affects experience, behavior, and health. He holds degrees from the University of Oxford, UC Berkeley, and McGill University and has conducted postdoctoral research at Harvard Medical School and other institutions, supported by grants from the GRAMMY Foundation and the NIH. He led research on music for psychedelic therapy as Wavepaths’ Chief Science Officer and conducted research on music in advertising and sonic branding as Director of Consumer Neuroscience at Nielsen. As a saxophonist, Bradley has studied improvisation in the William Paterson University Jazz program and privately with Gary Smulyan, Paul Nedzela, Knoel Scott, Allaudin Mathieu, and others. He has also learned South Indian Carnatic music from several prominent musicians in that tradition, including Dr. Vijaya Bharati, Dr. Ghatam Suresh Vaidyanathan, and Prasant Radhakrishnan.

Here’s what people have said about Bradley’s workshops and teaching:

– “Dr. Vines is a gem – he’s highly skilled at presenting complex subject matter in [a] manner very approachable to a layperson. He leads with compassion, curiosity, and non-judgmental openness. Thank you!!!”

– “Props to Professor Vines for his awesome teaching and passion.”

– “because of his knowledge and expertise, the class exceeded my expectations!”