Jazz for Singing Teachers: What You Need to Know with Andrea Wolper

Saturday, May 18, Noon - 3 pm

Jazz for Singing Teachers: What You Need to Know with Andrea Wolper
Age Adult
Event Type Workshop
Department Vocal Performance, Vocal Musicianship
Day Sat
Instructor Andrea Wolper
Status online event

You’re a solidly trained singer and successful voice teacher.

One day, your best baritone comes to their lesson and says they’ve started singing with a jazz band and need your guidance.

Or your department head assigns you to coach the cast of a jazz musical.

Or maybe, as much as you love art songs or musical theatre, you’re jazz-curious and enjoy the occasional turn at the microphone yourself.

In this online workshop, designed for singing teachers and experienced singers in genres other than jazz, seasoned jazz vocalist and voice teacher Andrea Wolper will present the foundational elements of jazz and jazz singing, including esthetic values of the genre, stylistic parameters, and necessary skills.

You’ll leave the workshop with a better understanding of the genre and practice of singing jazz, an awareness of functional considerations, and resources for further exploration.

Feel free to bring specific questions and a link to one of your favorite jazz performance videos.

About Andrea Wolper

One of the “great jazz singers” in The Jazz Singers: The Ultimate Guide (Yanow, BackBeat Books), Andrea Wolper is “an audacious artist…singing songs for the love of it and delivering an inventive, thrilling, appealing musical vision.”

Described as both “utterly original” and “a singer with an uncanny emotional touch for the past 50 years of jazz,” Andrea is as accomplished with the Great American Songbook as she is with more unusual repertoire and improvisation. She has also made her mark as a songwriter; Cadence magazine calls her “easily superior to the ever-expanding population in the singer/songwriter category,” and she has been awarded a number of composing residencies. Andrea appears in clubs, festivals, and concert spaces in her New York home base and tours in the U.S. and beyond. In addition to leading her own projects, she appears as a featured artist across jazz genres, from holding the vocal chair in the Heavenly Big Band to performing and recording with free jazz bassist William Parker. Andrea offers singing lessons in her private studio and conducts clinics in jazz vocal performance and workshops and master classes on performance and improvisation.