Jazz Meets Folk and World Music with Adam Moezinia

Saturday, 7/13, 2 - 4 pm

Jazz Meets Folk and World Music with Adam Moezinia
Age Adult
Event Type Workshop
Department Theory and Improvisation, Composition and Arranging
Day Sat
Instructor Adam Moezina Trio
Status inperson event

Embark on a sonic journey that transcends genres and cultures! Guitarist Adam Moezinia (Folk Element Trio) shares ideas and concepts for blending jazz harmony, improvisation, and rhythms with global influences, including pop, rock, world, and folk, in service of finding and developing your voice as a composer/bandleader. Learn to seamlessly blend jazz with diverse musical styles, unlocking new creative possibilities. Open to all levels. 

Early Workshop Registration Encouraged! 
Prices increase by $15 48 hours before each workshop.

About Adam Moezinia

Adam Moezinia’s “Folk Element Trio” is rooted in the tradition of jazz but reaches beyond to incorporate different styles of folk music from around the world including West Africa, the Caribbean, The UK and Appalachia. They released their debut album in April of 2021 to rave reviews and have since been performing all around the country. They will be in San Francisco as part of a month-long west coast tour from San Diego to Vancouver. Joining Adam will be Will Lyle (bass) and Ben Ring (drums).