Jazz Piano 1

Mon. 6:30–8 pm 4/1 – 6/3 (9 weeks) no class 5/27

Jazz Piano 1
Age Adult
Event Type Class
Department Piano and Keys
Day Mon
Instructor Bob Karty
Status inperson event

Learn to play jazz standards and the 12-bar blues by studying jazz chord voicings and improvisation techniques. In this hands-on, interactive course, students explore a range of essential comping and soloing techniques in a supportive group setting. Personalized coaching is available for all class members. The class meets in the Jazzschool piano lab, where each student is seated at their own electric piano.

Prerequisites: basic piano proficiency, knowledge of major scales, ability to play root-position major, minor, and dominant 7th chords in all keys, ability to read treble and bass clefs.

Required text: Jamey Aebersold Play-along Vol. 54, Maiden Voyage. (Please purchase class texts from your preferred online retailer.)

This is class meets IN-PERSON at the California Jazz Conservatory.

About Bob Karty

B.A., Biology, Reed College. Pianist, composer, recording engineer, producer. Performed with Ray Obiedo, Pete Escovedo, world-jazz sextet Tanaóra, Conjunto Karabalí (led by Michael Spiro & Santana percussionist Karl Perazzo). Founding member of Orquesta La Moderna Tradición, one of the few authentic charanga orchestras outside of Cuba, with whom he performed for over 15 years and recorded three albums. bobkarty.com

Student Reviews 

“Very well organized and very clearly structured and yes Bob was always prepared and could add new appropriate material on the fly and not lose one student’s attention during the addition.” 

“Bob’s organization and preparedness was key to making this class a success.”