Jazz Theory and Improvisation

Wednesdays 6 - 7:30 pm PT 4/5 - 5/31 (9 weeks)

Jazz Theory and Improvisation
Age Adult
Event Type Class
Department Theory and Improvisation
Day Wed
Instructor Rob Ewing
Status online event

Explore the fundamentals of jazz theory and improvisation in this wide-ranging hands-on class. We will delve into harmony, melody, rhythm, and form and how these elements combine in jazz improvisation. Through instruction, guided practice exercises, analysis of jazz standards, classic solos, and more, students will gain a deeper understanding of the building blocks of jazz improvisation. This class will focus on the practical application of jazz theory concepts as they inform our approach as improvising musicians. Throughout the course, students will receive individualized feedback and support to help them grow as musicians. Be prepared to play in class! Prerequisites: facility on an instrument, knowledge of major scales, and a basic understanding of intervals and chords.

This class meets ONLINE using the ZOOM platform.

About Rob Ewing 

Jazzschool Director. Jazzschool Summer Youth Program Director. B.A., Naropa U.; 2 years, Berklee College of Music. Leader of Disappear Incompletely, Junior Reggae, SIFTER. Member: Marcus Shelby Orchestra, Brass Magic, Electric Squeezebox Orchestra, Mercury Falls, Joseph’s Bones, Jason Levis Trio and Septet, Kasey Knudsen Sextet, Dick Bright Orchestra, Greg Johnson Big Band. Performances with The O’Jays, Red Room Orchestra, Contemporary Jazz Orchestra, Fil Lorenz Orchestra, STS9, Vinny Golia, Latin Giants of Jazz, Ray Vega, Wayne Wallace, Graham Connah, Joe Bagale, The Barr Brothers, Les Gwan Jupons, John Schott’s Typical Orchestra, Jazz Mafia Symphony, Oakland Active Orchestra, Half of Half, Leslie Helpert, Rebecca Griffin, Naytronix. 

Student Reviews  

“This is one of the BEST classes I’ve ever taken at CJC and probably the best approach to improv I have ever been exposed to. I really enjoyed the class. I got a lot out of it immediately, and I have the elements, in the form of exercises provided by Rob, to keep working on the material for months! The approach is good for voice and for any instrument! I am planning to keep pursuing it on guitar and on cello!” 

“I appreciated the way you systematically layered in the different aspects of the material, and very importantly, the way you brought them all together in the last class on “Autumn Leaves”. Thanks for everything in your clear and systematic presentation. It’s just been so illuminating!” 

“Rob really helped to unlock some of the secrets of jazz improvisation. he gave us some key concepts and examples and plenty of material to work with in the future. it was a great class, exactly what I was looking for.” 

“Rob was a fantastic teacher. Very well organized with his thoughts and instruction. He was patient with each of his students. My peers in the class were also great to learn with. We all pushed and encouraged each other at the same time. It was a fun class!”