Let’s Put On A Show!

Thursdays 6:30 - 8 pm 1/12 - 3/16 (10 weeks)

Let’s Put On A Show!
Age Adult
Event Type Class
Department Vocal Performance
Day Thu
Instructor Kyra Gordon
Status inperson event



Do you have a vision about a performance you’d like to develop, a creative risk you would like to take, or something you have always wanted to try as a singer? This class will serve as an incubator for exploration into the new and the unexpressed. We will dive deeply into what makes a performance compelling, which is always completely personal. Let’s try out some dream nuggets and see what kind of magic arises! The course will culminate with a live work-in-progress performance, with the goal of sending off participants to further develop their pieces. Open to all levels, all genres, instrumentalists who want to sing, singers who want to play, original songs, poets who want to read; you name it, let’s do it!

 About Kyra Gordon


Kyra Gordon has belted out Janis Joplin hits in a one-woman show, earned a conservatory degree interpreting jazz standards, and spent several years in the improvisational hip-hop group The Freeze, but it was the long road she traveled wending from Hollywood to New Orleans to a rural North Carolina commune to Paris that fueled her remarkable debut album Soul of a Showgirl. The Berkeley vocalist, songwriter and pianist’s music flows from the vicissitudes of her footloose life, glinting with insights she’s gleaned along the way. Possessing a rich, multi-hued voice that’s equally attuned to wry humor, headlong passion, bountiful gratitude and abject longing, Soul of a Showgirl is Gordon’s first album featuring her original material, and it introduces a songwriter with an outsized gift for setting emotionally incisive lyrics to beguiling melodic hooks.


Some Quotes:


“This is someone who is going places, and whether she’s hitchhiking or flying on a private plane will not matter, because wherever she goes Kyra Gordon will be sitting strong with a soul that could take her anywhere. Go with her.”

— Bill Bentley, Americana Highways


“Kyra has a voice like no other! Not only in technique but in sheer emotional power!” – James Monroe Iglehart


“Kyra Gordon reaches back into the ether of time to remind you of all that was gritty, glamorous, and gut wrenchingly beautiful with her voice. Every time I hear her sing I’m instantly transported to a rarified space of the spirit demanding to be heard, to be fully human, to have a seat at the table and to be authentically true to yourself.” – Anthony Veneziale


“Kyra combines perfect wordsmithing with wonderfully unique chord progressions and a haunting lovely voice.” – Tracy Nelson