More Great Solos for Study and Inspiration

Tues. 6–7:30 pm 4/2 – 5/28 (9 weeks)

More Great Solos for Study and Inspiration
Age Adult
Event Type Class
Department Piano and Keys
Day Tue
Instructor Jennifer Jolly
Status online event

This class continues our exploration of great piano solos from a variety of musical genres with all-new class content. We’ll dissect each solo, break down the storyline, and study the licks, harmonic devices, and improv techniques used. You’ll learn a method based on Clark Terry’s “imitate, assimilate, and innovate” concept to grow your own improvisational voice. Transcriptions and other materials provided by the instructor.

Prerequisites: ability to read standard keyboard notation, familiarity with 7th chords.

Technical requirements: strong Internet connection, laptop/desktop by your instrument, wired headphones.

This class meets ONLINE via the Zoom platform.

About Jennifer Jolly

Jennifer Jolly is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, bandleader, and educator. She teaches keyboard classes and ensembles (Caribbean, African, New Orleans, minimalist, and improv) at the Jazzschool, clinics, camps, after-school programs, and her private studio. She currently performs on keyboards, melodica, guitar, and vocals with Jennifer Jolly & Friends, Pamela Rose’s show “Blues is a Woman,” Jean Fineberg’s JAZZphoria, Jean Fineberg’s The Party Monsters, and other Bay Area groups. Jennifer frequently performs as a guest with Tom Rigney & Flambeau and Chelle! & Friends; previous credits range from Barbara Dane to Phil Lesh.