Open Heart Open Mind: A Free Improvisation Workshop with Art Lande and Mark Miller

Sunday, April 14, 11 am - 2 pm

Open Heart Open Mind: A Free Improvisation Workshop with Art Lande and Mark Miller
Age Adult
Event Type Workshop
Department Theory and Improvisation
Day Sun
Instructor Art Lande, Mark Miller
Status inperson event

“Free jazz” isn’t free.

It asks a lot of us: a courageous commitment to musical imagination and our unwavering support for our creative community.

This workshop will explore many facets of open improvisation, including spontaneous composition, strategies for effective collaboration, roles, and relationships in an ensemble, working with perfectionism and judgmental thinking, and cultivating creativity through generosity, curiosity, and courage.

We will make music together with little or no preconceived content or form.

The workshop is open to all instrumentalists and vocalists, regardless of previous experience.

About Art Lande

Art Lande, a Grammy-nominated pianist, is an internationally acclaimed musician, composer, improviser, drummer, and educator. He has shared the stage with jazz luminaries such as Joe Henderson, Woody Shaw, Bobby Hutcherson, and Charlie Haden, among others. Art’s live performances are characterized by musical adventure, humor, inspiration, spontaneity, warmth, and soul. His extensive discography includes numerous albums, notably on the ECM label. Art is also known for his innovative teaching methods in piano, improvisation, and ear training. He co-authored the book “Being Music: The Art of Open Improvisation” with Mark Miller, published by University Professors Press.

About Mark Miller

Mark Miller, a saxophonist, flutist, and shakuhachi player, has collaborated with a diverse array of improvising artists, including Valerie Carter, Tuck and Patti, and David Darling. His recordings, such as “World Without Cars” (with Art Lande), have garnered critical acclaim, with Cadence magazine naming it a top-ten album of the year. Mark’s Grammy-nominated album “Illumination,” featuring pianist Peter Kater, further showcases his musical prowess. As an Emeritus Professor of Music at Naropa University, Mark has also authored the book “Being Music: The Art of Open Improvisation.”

Together, Art Lande and Mark Miller have conducted classes and workshops at various colleges and universities across the United States and Europe. Their teaching expertise has reached institutions such as Jazz School Lausanne, Jazz School of Migros Klubschule (Switzerland), California State University (San Jose, Sacramento, and Sonoma), The Jazz School (Berkeley, CA), University of California (Berkeley and San Diego), Lone Mountain College (San Francisco), California Institute of the Arts, University of Oregon, University of Michigan, Northwestern University, Lewis and Clark University, and Reed College.