Pianist’s Toolkit Series: Must-Know Chord Progressions & Tunes Based On Them

Tuesdays 7:45 - 9:15 pm PT 4/4 - 5/30 (9 weeks)

Pianist’s Toolkit Series: Must-Know Chord Progressions & Tunes Based On Them
Age Adult
Event Type Class
Department Piano and Keys
Day Tue
Instructor Jennifer Jolly
Status online event

Most of the music we play is based on common and predictable chord progressions. Knowing these chord changes makes us more musically literate; helps us learn, memorize, and compose tunes; enhances our improv skills; and deepens our appreciation of music. This class will cover nuts-and-bolts chord changes and tunes based on them in many genres of popular music. Materials provided by instructor. Tech requirements: strong Internet, wired headphones, laptop or desktop.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with common 7th chords; basic keyboard and reading proficiency.

Instructor: Jennifer Jolly

B.A. UC Berkeley. Keyboards/melodica, guitar, percussion, vocals, composer/arranger, bandleader. Specialist in blues/boogie, R&B/funk, Americana, New Orleans, rock, Caribbean, and African roots music. Founder of Jennifer Jolly & Friends, co-founder of The Jolly Gibsons. Other current projects include Pamela Rose’s touring theatrical concert “Blues is a Woman,” Tom Rigney & Flambeau (sub), JAZZphoria (sub), Chelle! and Friends (guest), Mo’Fone (guest), Bait & Switch Blues Band, The Party Monsters, Creekside Community Church Worship Band. Previous credits include Zulu Spear, Kotoja, Phil Lesh, Hot Links, Barbara Dane, Big B and His Snake Oil Saviors, accompaniment for choruses and musical theater productions, and dozens of recording projects. Faculty instructor at The Jazzschool, Cazadero Family Camp, Jazzschool Women’s Jazz and Blues Camp, after-school programs, workshops, and private studio.