Jazz, Blues, Rock Piano by Ear with Andy Ostwald

Sunday, April 28, 11 am - 1 pm

Jazz, Blues, Rock Piano by Ear with Andy Ostwald
Age Adult
Event Type Workshop
Department Piano and Keys
Day Sun
Instructor Andy Ostwald
Status inperson event

An introduction to the book series Play Jazz, Blues, Rock Piano by Ear, presented by the author, Andy Ostwald.

Each student will receive a book as part of the tuition price and will have their choice of Books One, Two, or Three.

Students are guided step-by-step as they progress from making up simple two-chord jams to creating fully realized jazz, blues, and rock solos.

Recorded examples (available as a download) will inform the learning process.

Prerequisites: Basic piano and music reading skills.

About Andy Ostwald

Andy Ostwald, a San Francisco Bay area-based performer, teacher, and author, wears multiple hats in the world of music. As a pianist, he leads the Andy Ostwald Trio, which recently released their debut album titled “Field Guide.” His piano playing combines technical finesse with emotional depth, creating captivating performances.
Beyond the stage, Andy is an accomplished educator. He specializes in teaching jazz, blues, rock, and classical piano. His innovative approach to teaching has left a lasting impact on students. Additionally, Andy co-teaches jazz ensemble classes at Oaktown Jazz Workshops.