Solo Jazz Guitar: Chord Melodies with Jeff Massanari

Sunday, August 13, 2 - 4 pm (online)

Solo Jazz Guitar: Chord Melodies with Jeff Massanari
Age Adult
Event Type Workshop
Department Guitar
Day Sun
Instructor Jeff Massanari
Status online event

Explore arranging techniques for solo guitar, including basic concepts and more advanced techniques such as inversions, re-harmonization, counterpoint, and back-cycling. Noted jazz guitarist Jeff Massanari will provide several written chord melodies for analysis and discussion. Prerequisites: Knowledge of basic jazz chords is necessary, and some fluency with extensions and inversions would be beneficial.

Guitarist Jeff Massanari embarked on his musical journey at a young age. Introduced to the vibrant music scene of Washington, Jeff picked up the guitar at 13 and delved into jazz and blues, performing and teaching in the area by the time he was 17. Fueling his passion for jazz, Jeff pursued studies in performance and composition at Boston’s Berklee School of Music. Following his education, he made his mark in the San Francisco Bay Area as one of our most sought-after guitarists. Jeff has collaborated with esteemed artists, including notable vocalists Paula West, Brenda Boykin, Denise Perrier, Nicolas Bearde, Kenny Washington, and Pamela Rose. He has also shared the stage with instrumentalists such as Wally Schnalle, Jeff Pittson, Charles McNeil, Vince Lateano, Noel Jewkes, Charlie McCarthy, and Jeff Chambers. Beyond his own projects, Jeff is a regular member of ensembles like The Johnny Nocturne Band, The Murasaki Ensemble, Swing Fever, and collaborates with numerous musicians in jazz, blues, and world music genres. Jeff’s passion for sharing his knowledge and expertise extends to teaching engagements at esteemed institutions such as U.C. Berkeley, The Jazzschool, Jazz Camp West, Bruce Forman’s Jazzmaster series, and Blue Bear Music School.