SOUND HEALING: Music as Medicine with Ellen Johnson

Saturday, May 27, 11 am - 1 pm PT (Online Workshop)

SOUND HEALING: Music as Medicine with Ellen Johnson
Age Adult
Event Type Workshop
Department Health, Vocal Performance
Day Sat
Instructor Ellen Johnson
Status online event

Plato famously remarked that “Music is the medicine of the soul.” We can all attest to music’s influence on our emotions, but why is it so beneficial?

Science continues to reveal the many health benefits of using music, sound, and singing to lower stress, boost immunity, enhance lung function, improve memory, reduce inflammation, and aid in creativity and meditation. 
Join this introductory workshop to learn about “vibrational medicine” and the ability to use sound and music in a medical model to support physical and neurological conditions. The current modalities include music therapy, music medicine, and sound therapy. This workshop will explore current trends, key elements being adopted, and the future of music as medicine.

No musical experience is required, and all are welcome to attend.

About Ellen Johnson

Ellen Johnson has devoted over four decades to the arts as a recording artist, educator, songwriter, lyricist, author, and publicist with a passion for research on sound healing, science, and medicine. She has done advanced training in Frequency Medicine, Sonic Science & Cymatics with John Stuart Reid, and completed Integral Studies in Music Therapy at the University of Humanistic Studies, with certificates in Expressive Arts Therapy and Creativity Coaching training with Eric Maisel. Ellen’s additional studies and workshops with many pioneers in the field include; Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, Jonathan Goldman, Dr. John Beaulieu, Eileen McKusick, Elias Mohan (William David), and Fabien Mamam.
She has a Master’s Degree in Music and has served on the voice faculties of several prominent universities As a Jazz vocalist, she has performed with Bobby McFerrin, Sheila Jordan, Don Braden, Charles McPherson, and John Stowell, among many notable musicians. Ellen is the author of the biography Jazz Child: Portrait of Sheila Jordan and has published lyrics to both Sonny Rollins and Charles Mingus compositions. Her diversity in her own professional singing has made her an excellent teacher for cross-over styles, and she has a strong background in vocal pedagogy and vocal rehabilitation, assisting singers with difficult vocal issues. For more information, go to /