The Art of Singing: Elevate Your Vocal Technique

Tuesdays 6:30 - 8 pm 9/19 - 11/28 (10 weeks) no class 11/21

The Art of Singing: Elevate Your Vocal Technique
Age Adult
Event Type Class
Department Vocal Technique
Day Tue
Instructor Ellen Johnson
Status online event

Embark on a transformative vocal journey in this online class designed to unlock the true potential of your voice. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or just starting out, this course offers targeted exercises to enhance your vocal range, pitch, quality, breath support, articulation, and register coordination. You’ll gain valuable insights into vocal anatomy, laying a strong foundation for vocal mastery. Since ear training is an integral part of becoming a well-rounded musician, class time will also be dedicated to developing your musicianship skills through the practice of essential ear-training exercises. Embrace your unique sound and build the confidence to express yourself authentically in this empowering and immersive class, designed to let your voice soar to new heights.   

About Ellen Johnson

Ellen Johnson is a versatile and accomplished artist with a career spanning over three decades in the arts. She holds a Master’s Degree in Vocal Performance and has been a faculty member at educational institutions like the University of San Diego/Old Globe Theatre MFA program, Cal Poly University Pomona, and the California Jazz Conservatory/Jazzschool. As a professional vocalist, Ellen’s repertoire encompasses diverse genres, from classical to jazz, folk, musical theatre, and contemporary styles. Her expertise in cross-over singing makes her an exceptional teacher, well-versed in vocal pedagogy and rehabilitation for singers facing challenges. In the jazz community, she has collaborated and recorded with renowned musicians such as Charles McPherson, Louie Bellson, Bobby McFerrin, Sheila Jordan, Don Braden, John Stowell, Roy McCurdy, and more. Ellen is also a published author, with her acclaimed work Jazz Child: Portrait of Sheila Jordan and contributions of lyrics to compositions by Sonny Rollins and  Charles Mingus. Currently, she continues to share her knowledge through master classes, online courses, and private teaching via Vocal Visions. 

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