Using Lydian Dominant like a Pro

Saturday, February 11, 11 am - 1:30 pm

Using Lydian Dominant like a Pro
Age Adult
Event Type Workshop
Department Theory and Improvisation
Day Sat
Instructor Anton Schwartz
Status online event


The Lydian Dominant scale is at the heart of countless famous melodies and solos of modern jazz. Its definition is simple—a Mixolydian scale with a raised four—but this simplicity belies two key complexities: 1. Making Mixolydian-style melodies with a raised four will almost always fail to evoke the beauty and power of the Lydian Dominant sound; and 2. The Lydian Dominant scale is called for in specific situations that are, for the most part, not indicated by the chord changes on a chart. In this workshop, we’ll learn to construct lines that are specifically idiomatic to Lydian Dominant, and to recognize the main harmonic situations that call for the use of Lydian Dominant. Students will listen to examples and execute ideas on their instruments.

About Anton Schwartz

Jazz’s greatest improvisers create music that packs an emotional punch. It’s a lesson that tenor saxophonist Anton Schwartz learned well. Schwartz’s Quintet is Winner of 2016 Northwest Acoustic Jazz Ensemble of the Year. Their latest album, Flash Mob, spent eight weeks in jazz radio’s Top 10 and earned a four-star review in DownBeat magazine, reinforcing Schwartz’s reputation as a passionate but poised improviser and smart purveyor of captivating melodies. Schwartz has performed at jazz’s most prestigious clubs and festivals, including the Blue Note and Dizzy’s (NYC), Blues Alley (DC), Yoshi’s (Oakland), Jazz Alley (Seattle), and the Monterey Jazz Festival. He is a longtime faculty member of the California Jazz Conservatory and has taught extensively at the Stanford Jazz Workshop and the Brubeck Institute.