Write Your Own Lead Sheets with Michele Weir

Saturday, May 11, 11 am - 2 pm

Write Your Own Lead Sheets with Michele Weir
Age Adult
Event Type Workshop
Department Composition and Arranging, Vocal Performance
Day Sat
Instructor Michele Weir
Status online event

Are you tired of outsourcing your charts?

Learn to write your own – it’s simpler than you think.

Not only is this a handy skill, but it also feels empowering to know you can do it!

The only prerequisites are to have basic music skills, know the notes on the piano, and have a piece of staff paper.

Yes, you need to work with jazz chord symbols that may be unfamiliar, but you don’t need to be an expert on those (or even know exactly what they are) as long as you start with a jazz-authentic song source.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

• Where to locate and identify quality, jazz authentic song sources to base your lead sheet on,
• How to determine the best jazz-friendly key for your song,
• How to transpose a chord progression to your key,
• How to notate a simple chord and slashes chart for different types of tunes and song forms,
• Several different options for adding intros and endings, turning your lead sheet into an arrangement,
• How to write repeats and road map markings which help to direct traffic during your song’s performance,
• And how to write simple rhythmic kicks to add some punch!

This workshop is helpful for jazz vocalists, songwriters, instrumentalists who play in small groups, and teachers who work with jazz vocal students.

Michele will answer all of your questions, and you’ll come away with a new skill!

About Michele Weir

Michele Weir is a distinguished educator renowned for her global contributions to vocal jazz education. Praised for her versatile skill set and inspirational mentorship, Michele’s arrangements have been performed by acclaimed groups like New York Voices and the Swingle Singers, with orchestral works featured by symphonies including the Boston Pops. Currently a faculty member at UCLA, Michele’s expertise has led her to over 20 countries, presenting at prestigious music conferences worldwide. Noteworthy achievements include keynote speaking at the inaugural International Jazz Voice Conference in Helsinki (2015) and the creation of educational resources such as Vocal Improvisation (Schott Music) and ScatAbility, the first iOS app for scat singers. Michele’s impactful career spans from Grammy-nominated vocal groups like PM Singers to collaborations with jazz guitarist Bruce Forman.